Sunday, February 27, 2011

What to do next?

So, the bean tapestry is off the loom, and I've trimmed it up and steamed it. The good news is that the bubbles seem to have gone away and the whole piece isn't as horribly misshapen as I had feared it would be. Actually, it's all good news. I even have a vague idea of how I want to mount it - but I'll need to consult with some folks about how to go about it. And probably I'll need to rummage in Otto's scrap pile.

Anyway, now I have to figure out what to do next. Please be very impressed that not only have I completed ONE tapestry, but that I'm actually looking forward to doing another! I've been playing with some of my photos in Photoshop Elements (wheeeee!) and have a few potential designs. Really, I have a lot of potential designs. I just have to figure out
  • which one appeals to me most, and 
  • which one I might have the skill to take on.
So, for your amusement and mine (probably mostly mine), here are a few of the possibilities. Please bear with me. I had a lot of fun with Photoshop. And do let me know what you think!

Carrying on with my veggie theme, we have "carrots and red potatoes in a colander." Each version becomes slightly more abstract. Click on an image to enlarge.


I think all three of these are a little odd, but way more interesting than the original photo...

Also, the Chives in my garden. An appealing option since I already have most of the colors leftover from the beans & eggplant.

Daffodils - from most to least abstract.

Does this one make you uneasy? Just wondering...

My buddy Adam and I moved a doorway in my house last summer. I call these "Doorway." :-)

I really like this one for some reason...

I also like this one. It seems very atmospheric to me.
It looks like it would need a lot of subtle color blending though...
The Little Red Schoolhouse in Cedar Falls, (or possibly Cedar Rapids) Iowa. My mother-in-law went to school in one just like this when she was very young.  Her mother was the teacher. I like the strong lines and intense colors in this one.

Although I'm pretty much ready for spring, I thought these photos from an icy morning in Happy Valley looked interesting.

I think the sharp angles in all of these would make them hard to weave.

So, there you have them. The possible contenders so far. What do you think? Do any of them make you go ooooh, that should be a tapestry ?


  1. Oh Liz, You did have a ball, didn't you. I like them all and I find the progressive abstactness oddly appealing. I am particularly drawn to the first chive flowers, the one with fewer stems. And all the icy ones- what memories. The top and bottoms ones most. ;) See ya!

  2. Ooh, I really do want to do tapestry weaving! I just need to find the time! Are you posterizing in photoshop to get the colorblocks?

    I like the closeup chive flowers A LOT. I was thinking of doing something similar with daisies for my tapestry. Also like the colors of the top Icy Valley option. Red schoolhouse could be neat, but is weaving straight lines as much fun as curvy things?

  3. @RattleFox - come and play in the Teashanty! We can tapestry together!

    I'm finding the Cutout filter more useful than Posterize. Photoshop amuses me a LOT - if you couldn't tell :-)

    Not sure about the straight vs curvy fun factor. Straight might be a bit easier, but then there could be slits to sew up afterwards...

  4. I like the chives with the long stems best (you could weave that from the side ...
    and am also very impressed with the first of the icy Happy Valley photo, - wow!

    Happy weaving, Vera


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