Monday, January 11, 2010

Bubble, bubble! Oh what trouble!

I have a bubble in my tapestry. This is distressing. Can you see it? It's there in the top green bean on the right where that black line zigs and zags. Here's a closer look:

Now you can really see it, right? I think this all started to go south when I was weaving the tip of the green bean just below there. I really struggled with the colors in that section, so perhaps I wasn't as conscious of proper technique as I should have been. I though it might get better, but alas, it seems to be getting worse! I have a few options here, none of them particularly happy.
  • I can unweave nearly half of my tapestry and re-weave the offending section.
  • I can leave it be and hope I can block it out when I'm done.
  • I can live with it and use the "this was my very first tapestry" and "it was a learning experience" excuses.
I will ponder over this until the weekend. Then I'll have to go back into the studio and make a decision.

Any thoughts? Advice? Offers to come in the dark of night and re-weave it for me?


  1. What causes bubbles like that? Has the weaving corrected itself above the bubble, or will it be a streak through the whole thing? If it's correct now, I vote for leaving it and hoping blocking fixes it. Because honestly noone but you or maybe another tapestry weaver will even notice it. Lookin' good, by the way!

  2. Oh, no. It's not a self-correcting problem. If anything, it seems to be getting worse.

    I think it happened because I wasn't careful enough at the spots where two wefts came together. You have to pull them tight enough around the warps they turn on for the next row so they take up only half the space between warps. I think I got a little excited about the weaving and wasn't paying enough attention to technique.

    I'm still thinking about my options...

  3. Are the warps in that spot a bit looser than the ones around it? Stretched warp threads can cause what you have going on there. If so, just stick something (a folded bit of paper, cardboard, etc) under the looser warps at the top of the loom, and keep weaving. It will all come out in the blocking, but you will be less frustrated as you weave if you deal with it now.

    It looks great, by the way!

  4. (re your comment on my blog)

    @ Liz :: oh my oh my. that does make me feel a WHOLE lot beter.

    the thing is. I don't think I can be bother investing the time, when I know we might just move soon anyway, but yes. still a good idea to consider!!! hahaha

    in other news, the tapestry looks amazing to me. I can't see any issues ;) x


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