Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter via Photoshop

It's very Winter here today. Cold, cold, cold! and spitting snow. It's lovely outside, with all the snow still lingering on the ground and sprinkling down from the sky. But darn it, it's cold! I'm not even taking the dogs for their weekly outing at the Flying Fur. Pyper tells me he'd rather just snooze in the closet anyway....

This picture is from a photo I took after our big snow in December. I ran it through Photoshop. I think it needs a red cardinal on the fence post. Maybe next year's Christmas card? Or a tapestry? Or maybe it will just stay right here on iMac.


  1. It would be a fabulous tapestry, def. needs a cardinal though. I doodled with colored pencils last night, and think I have a plan for a late winter scene tapestry. I'll have to share it next time I see you.

  2. I love the globs of snow. A bit surreal, but it really looked the way. A red cardinal would make it a card for sure. There were male cardinals in the apple trees last week and the red was shocking against all the gray and white.. Add a bit of sum from yesterday...????

  3. I meant to say "sun", as in the ride home, not "sum" as in new math!!

  4. I have just discovered your delightful blog. It has cheered me up on a cold dismal day!


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