Friday, February 18, 2011

Repurposed window cold frame

Just wanted to share this brilliant idea from the great blog Design*Sponge. As a collector of cast-off treasures (i.e. other people's junk) I really appreciate this great idea for making a cold frame out of old windows.
Read the complete post over at Design*Sponge for construction details and more photos.

I'm off to rummage in the basement and see if I still have any old windows lurking in the corners.


  1. I love it, wish I had sun on my house for a cold frame near by..I have some old storm windows and have been mulling over building a cold frame in the garden, you may have just given me the kick I need.

  2. Maybe put it in the back left corner where the compost used to be? Surely is hot & sunny there! Can't wait to get gardening again!


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