Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Yes, rain INSIDE the studio is generally considered to be WRONG.
Also, bad, expensive and vexing.
I snapped this shot in the studio on Sunday. It was raining outside. Also, inside.

This only seems to happen when we get a hard rain from the North/Northwest. Which is the direction that most of our interesting weather seems to come from.

Looks like I'll be dragging out the ladder and the caulking as soon as we get a dry spell. And then hunting for someone to replace the windows.  I need some sort of "real" insulated windows anyway. The rest of the building is insulated, but these single-pane jobs came with the kit for the studio. Attractive and rustic, yes. Warm and cozy? Not so much.

Forgetting to run the warp over the back beam is also WRONG.
And bad, and vexing.
Especially if you thought your were done dressing the loom.
And then,  just when I was feeling all smug because I had finished threading the new loom and thought I might actually get some weaving in, I discovered that I had forgotten to run the warp threads over the back beam. On my old Schacht loom, the back beam lifted off and I could just slide it under the warp, pop it back in place, and no one was the wiser. Not so with this one. And so, I started threading all over again.

On the plus side, the new loom is very easy to thread (at least the first time through) because you can take off the beater and breast beam and scoot your comfy chair right up inside it. The very nifty light under the shelf at the front of the loom is pretty handy too.

Hoping for a dry weekend, and good weaving this weekend!

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