Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loom for Sale!

Update 7/31 My loom is now SOLD! and will be going to it's new home very soon!

I have decided to sell one of my floor looms to hopefully fund the purchase of a tapestry loom. If you know of anyone who might be interested please feel free to pass along the details.

Schacht Spindle Company
46" Standard High Castle 8 shaft Jack Loom - Maple :
   12 treadles
   double warp/ back beam
   Loom Bench with side storage bags
   1200+ Inserted eye metal hedges

    Price reduced!!! Asking $2,800 for the whole package. (Pick-up only. Loom is located about 30 minutes south of Roanoke, Va)

    Weaving width 46"; Overall width 53"; Depth - open  44"; Depth folded  32"

    The loom alone currently sells for $4030 new. With the extras (extra treadles, double back beam, bench & bags) adding an additional $1,070 to the price. I have also replaced the original flat steel heddles with over 1200 inserted eye hedddles ($300 value).
    (click on images for larger view)

    8 harnesses, 12 treadles

    Double warp beams/back beams 
    and raddle

    Loom folded for storage
    12 treadles, easy tie-up!
    Lamp, included, mounts to 
    the right or the left
    Tray is handy for 
    all sorts of things!

    The loom has a storage tray and holes drilled in the top of the castle uprights for the swivel pin of an extension lamp. (Lamp also included) The double back-beam is handy to facilitate different warp tensions for weave structures such as warp pile, supplementary warp, Bedford cord and double weave. Each beam has separate tension. The loom bench can be adjusted for height, and has a storage shelf below the seat. The bags are mounted on both sides of the seat and are very handy for keeping shuttles and tools close at hand.

    The loom is in overall good condition and works very well. There are a few cosmetic scratches/smudges (see photo), but nothing drastic that would affect working or value. I have enjoyed weaving on this loom for many years, but my weaving interests are now moving in other directions, and I want it to go to a good home.

    If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at teashanty at verizon dot net.

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