Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weaving and domestic bliss

Hiya! Had a bit of a late start in the studio today since it took a while for it to get warmed up out there.  The little wood stove that could does a pretty good job, but it was pretty darned cold here this morning!

To pass the time I embarked on a semi-annual cleaning project - the book shelves. My husband and I are book people. We love to read, and we love our books. As you can imagine, they pile up around the house and with a greater number of books coming in than going out the book shelves around the house can get sort of packed. This makes dusting difficult. And since the dust that accumulates in our house quickly begins to bear a greater resemblance to top soil, one does feel the need to shovel out occasionally. So today I took all the books off of the living room shelves, dusted each one, and put everything back, less a few volumes that were relocated to other parts of the house, or put in the thrift shop pile. (Two books. That's all we could bear to part with.) Now the shelves are shiny and tidy, and look much less likely to pull out of the wall. Domestic bliss, indeed!

The bit of reorganizing gave me a chance to move this little guy to a good spot. Doesn't he look quite at home with my husband's collection of "The Hobbit?"

My wee Scotsman is a pitcher, and came from an antique shop in Floyd, VA - an early Christmas gift from a friend. I know his bonnet's got a chip out of it, but I fell in love with him anyway.

And now, since I know Lawre's waiting for it, here's this week's Green Bean Tapestry update:

Not much progress, and I may end up unweaving that bit at the tip of the bean in progress - again! I'll decide next time I work on it when I see it with fresh eyes.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the bean.. I do love to see the progress


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