Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inspiration: Old Barns and Sheds

Another eagle sighting in Happy Valley.
More snowy days this week, but not enough to keep us home. A trip through Happy Valley gave us another eagle sighting. He was soaring over the fields and these old barns.

I've always been attracted to old buildings. As we say in our house, I never met a hovel I didn't like! When we travel I tend to take lots of photos of buildings. I like whole buildings, parts of buildings, and the way buildings fit together.  Often, buildings that are in ruins or show the wear of use and age are the most interesting and evocative.  Which leads me back to the barns.

Since I find them so inspiring I thought I'd collect some of the old barn and shed photos laying around the hard drive and post them here. Perhaps I'll use one, or parts of one for a tapestry? I'm looking for inspiration for my next piece since I'm closing in on the end of the green beans. While I'm waiting for the studio to warm up I'll post a few of the photos I like.

What inspires you?

The Happy Valley barns on a morning in summer.

Another barn in Happy Valley

The barns of Maggie, in Happy Valley

Hay storage shed in Floyd. So much texture here!

Near downtown Floyd

Old house, now used as a shed. The backroads of Floyd County

Nova Scotia Shed. Love the lobster trap and the red door!

Rogers red barn. It really was that color. Really!

Garage on the Isle of Lewis

Locked shed in the Scottish Highlands.


  1. I love hovels too! I'm particularly attracted to ones that are very weathered and the land is reclaiming. The happy valley summer barns would be lovely tapestries! Have you seen the ones at Brown's Farm (Heritage Park) off of Glade Rd? Neat!

  2. Hiya. Yes, I've seen the ones at Brown's Farm. Very nice. That's such a great park.

    Have you started spinning your yarn yet? I've got a start on mine. It's **BRIGHT** :-)

  3. Old barns and sheds present a tranquil farm or garden environment. Thank you for inspiring readers by sharing these must-see places.


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