Friday, February 5, 2010

Yarns with potential

I spent part of my snow day today at the frog pond, ripping out some knitting. I turned two scarves, one ill-fitting hat, and a vest that was too heavy and too big back into yarns with potential. (That's Gracie behind the pile.)

It was a pretty satisfying activity. I uncovered the knitwear (or unwearables) in my recent studio cleanup. Instead of washing them and finishing them properly when I was done, I just bound off and put them in a bag, inside a box. They just weren't good!

As soon as I can dig a path through the snow to the studio to get a skein-winding device I'll skein them up, steam out the kinks and...start again.

The blue yarn was knitted into a vest. I liked the pattern, but my handspun wasn't anything like the commercial yarn it called for. The rib pattern and the weight of the yarn made it very heavy. And of course the whole thing came out too big.

The multi-colored yarn is so crazily spun that the scarf changed width halfway along and just looked poorly knitted. Of course, I'm not really the world's best knitter. But I know I can do better than that!

The purple stuff I quite liked, but the scarf was too heavy and fat, and the hat was too loose and not quite long enough to cover my ears. So, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.

In other news, I baked some carrot-apple bar cookies and added the spiffy little penguins to the blog page. (Be sure to have them follow your mouse around. You can even click on them and move them individually! And yes, I know that I'm easily amused.)

One last picture for your amusement: A sleepy Buhund. I guess she had too much fun out in the snow today!


  1. What, no Freya circles!? She must be tired....Your yarn is Beautiful!

  2. This was post-circling - in the snow.


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