Thursday, December 6, 2007

Books I Like

Here's a list of books I like:

Findings by Kathleen Jamie - A lovely collection of essays about natural history set in and around Scotland. My favorite, "Darkness and Light," takes you on a trip to Orkney at the winter solstice to visit the Neolithic cairn of Maes Howe. Lots of lovely stuff here.

Anything by Jane Austin. Seriously. Go. Read. Now. And if you aren't in a reading mood, secure a copy of the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice. The good one with Colin Firth all wet and Darcy.

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Hilarious. Especially if you're from NJ, as I am. I get a serious pizza craving every time I read one. (In case you're wondering, I'm on Team Babe, not Team Cupcake. Ranger all the way!)

Three Bags Full : A sheep detective story, by Leonie Swann. In case you've ever wondered what the thought process of sheep is like. This story is clever, funny, and a pretty good mystery to boot!


Recipes from the Root Cellar, by Andrea Chesman. Great collection of recipes using fall and winter vegetables.

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