Thursday, January 5, 2017

Still here, still working on the blasted tapestry.

Oh how time does fly!

Here it is 2017 and I'm still working on the sunflower tapestry. Progress is being made. I may even finish it before the end of the decade. Truth be told, I don't get out to the Shanty as much as I should these days.

Lest you think I'm completely slacking on craftyness, let me assure you that I have been carding fiber, spinning, and knitting. And there's that whole gardening thing. And now there's...[ta da!]...

Genealogy! You can read about that at my other blog, Rooted in Elizabeth.

Here is photographic proof of my efforts since last I wrote.

Well, first there were these guys. They sucked up most of my time in December 2015

[and lots of money too!] They were dumped out where I work, and after living on a manky deer carcass for five days I fed them and took them to my Vet's office to board. For three weeks. With the generosity of friends and strangers I didn't have to foot the bill all by myself, but boy was I glad to get these guys adopted out - one through the vet's office, and one through a very reputable rescue group. [I would have loved to keep the Doberman. What a complete goofy love muffin!]

Our own dog is getting older now (14!), but there are still walks and games and sleepovers with her doggie friends. We try to get her to day care twice a week, just so she can have an outing.

Here are some pics of things I made, though not all the things I've made! Must get better at taking finished object photos!

Spun lots of naturally colored wool.

Brilliantly dyed batt from Into the Whirled

On the bobbin
Done! Still haven't made anything with it!

To be carded, and carded fiber.

Lincoln, with mohair locks carded in.
I've been working on blending Ramboullet and Alpaca.
Studio. Birds eye view from the loft.

Sunflower on the loom. I'm a good bit past this part now.
 And around the house:

Strong young men with shovels built our new patio.
We built the lovely surround for the stairwell.
Spinning on the new patio, Teashanty in the distance.

The front garden with sunflowers of ridiculous proportions.
 And so it goes. We do a little of this, a little of that. And, apparently, not too much blogging on this site. I shall try to be better. But....genealogy! Really.

Happy New Year. May 2017 be way better than I expect it to be.


  1. Your loom is massive ! What size loom would you suggest for a beginner ? I want to try weaving. It is so kind of you to help the stray dogs bless you. Take care now. Marion

    1. Hi Marion. Sorry for such a delayed reply. What sort of weaving were you interested in? For tapestry I recommend starting on a small frame loom. Several companies make them, but I've found Archie Brennan's copper pipe loom to be really good. You can find the plans to build it yourself on his website. I've also seen some made of pvc pipe, but haven't had any experience with those myself. Fro "regular" weaving, you might look at table looms or rigid heddle looms. If you can connect with a weaving group in your area you may find someone who will give you lessons. In any case, when it comes to weaving equipment, I always recommend that you try before you buy. If you have any other questions let me know. I promise a more prompt reply! Liz


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