Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dye Day at My House!

My friends Lawre and Rattlefox (not her real name!) came by today to dye some fluff. We all had a half pound of the same fiber, some drool-worthy Blue Faced Leicester and silk blend that came from Carolina Homespun. Really pretty stuff, white and glowey.

I arranged my roving in a zig-zaggy pattern. Lawre's was in long lines, and Darcy made a spiral with hers.
R. picked the colors and we all did something different with our roving. I can't wait to see how each batch spins up. We used a variety of dyes, mixed in a very unscientific method. (That yellow too bright? Here, throw some of this in it!)  The roving was arranged on plastic wrap, and after we'd each applied our dye with syringes, smooshing to soak in the dye, we wrapped them in the plastic and popped them in the oven while we went down the hill for lunch.

Here's how mine looks hanging up to dry. Dry faster, dry faster! I want to spin this stuff up!

Visit Lawre's blog and Rattlefox's blog to see the photos of their dye projects! I'm sure they'll have their posts up real soon now :-)


  1. Oh sure, get your post up fast and make the rest of us scramble to follow suit! Thanks for hosting and suggesting lunch - I had a great time!

  2. I, too, had a great time. My roving is dry, not nearly as bright as Liz's- I could have used more dye. On the other hand, no dye washed down the drain! I spun a small bit last night and had to stop. Spinning and drooling DON'T go together!!

  3. Sounds like such a fun day!!! Happy New Year!!! (It's still new, right??)



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